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How To Keep The Realistic Sex Doll For A Long Time

How To Keep The Realistic Sex Doll For A Long Time

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How To Keep The Realistic Sex Doll For A Long Time

Have you decided to buy a TPE sex doll for sensual pleasure? If you say nod to your head, you definitely want to know how to choose these beautiful women with high quality materials and advanced features, and how to keep them for long time. There are many options, but you need to adopt one that perfectly complements your budget and preferences. Of course, fucking a sex doll has many benefits for those looking for fun.


Firstly, in order to be able to use the sex doll for a long time, a certain space is required. A well-preserved environment can successfully cause the doll"s skin and internal components to age, significantly extending the life of the doll. When you have sex with sex doll, do not put too much pressure on her wrists and hands. These are real love sex dolls that are not designed for such pressure and weight, and they may break.

Secondly, do not leave the sex doll in a bent position for a long time. Her body may be distorted. Its location should be rotated quite regularly so that it remains in the format above. If you can get a storage hanger for Asian sex doll, it will be a safe storage space for your love doll.


Fucking a sex doll has a limited range of activities and avoid excessive distortion. His head, arms, hips and legs have some movement. Maintenance is always troublesome, so maintaining good habits will last a long time for your sex doll. It is best to keep the doll in a lying or sitting position when you change the pose of a life size love doll. If you need to sit the baby, it is recommended to lift the legs after holding down the doll"s body. This allows the internal joints to live longer. Adult real sex dolls should not directly touch cold floors or tables, wear soft blankets, or play on sofas.

Finally, clean and sterilize before and after use. Please have at least one interview the following month. To avoid damage during use, you need to keep the real sex doll lie flat to avoid compression or bending. Apply guaranteed quality body lubricant to maintain internal lubrication of the openings. If the sexual opening is not fully lubricated, wear a smoother condom so that the flat chested sex doll is used in the normal operating range. After cleaning, the love doll should be placed in a vent to allow it to dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight and causing discoloration of the passion doll.


Each time you use it, you need to clean the holes of the hot sex doll, especially the vaginal and anal parts. This helps prevent dirt, dirt and bacteria from accumulating, keeping junior high school lab dolls healthy and releasing bacteria. Always rinse the holes with hot soapy water, wipe with a cloth, and then wipe thoroughly.

Wipe the face very gently with a damp cloth to clean it and use a mild antibacterial soap to clean the skin. We do not recommend soaking the doll"s face in water. Then gently wipe the love doll with a clean absorbent towel to dry it. Do not use a hairdryer to dry married lovedolls or hair. Your fucking a sex doll should be cleaned with a mild detergent or antibacterial body wash, bathed at least once every two weeks. When bathing the fat sex doll, do not completely immerse the body and face of the doll in water. The doll"s head and neck must always be above the water. 


Never use oil-based lubricants as they may harm your skin. Water-based lubricants are the perfect lubricant to use because it is safe for the realistic sex doll skin as well as for you. Aqueous lubricants do not allow the skin to tear.

If you"re wondering if the hot sexy man-made love doll looks real, rest assured they will. They have a real feel and have a very realistic shape and size. They are made from high quality materials and can be maintained and washed after use. Remember to use warm water and soap to wash them well, and dry them with a clean cotton towel. A little worry can help a lot! By the way, Sino Doll is a high end silicone sex doll, I believe you will like them.






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