Do you have a need to block the signal?

A jammer can help you block out the noise

A signal is a tool for carrying a message and a carrier of a message. Various radio waves traveling in space and currents in a well-connected telephone network can be used to express various messages to distant parties. This is an electrical signal, and the mobile phone can receive calls by receiving electrical signals. The gsm jammer uses the solid co-channel interference to intercept the sad band transmitted by the base station to achieve the purpose of shielding the mobile phone signal. When the uplink interference occurs, the mobile phone signal needs to be stronger than the interference signal to communicate with the base station. Therefore, the mobile phone must Closer to the base station.

Among the accidents involving "drones" in the "Kobihi" accident, there were hundreds of accidents in the second half of 2016 alone, such as the drone crashing into the scene of a large event, affecting normal civil aircraft flights, and even a flight in Canada There was an accident, and there was an injury to the Ningbo Kuruobi Expressway. Faced with the gaps in drone control, take strong countermeasures to ensure air safety, such as the use of drone interceptors to shoot down drones by the government or police, purchase drones for real-name system, and so on.

When purchasing a portable jammer, we need to clearly understand the environment around us and the size of the site we use, and then decide to purchase the number of cell phone signal shields. When we don"t use the signal shielding device, we can choose to turn off the device, which will save energy, be environmentally friendly, and extend the life of the equipment. For some factory areas, factory areas, cafeterias, warehouses, etc., when there is no one at night, there is no need to The cell phone shields in these locations are continuously turned on 24 hours a day.