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Do you know of any special places where jammers are used?


Do you know of any special places where jammers are used?

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Do you know of any special places where jammers are used?
Some places install jammers in prisons

Many people may wonder if GSM jammers interfere with multiple frequencies, are they harmful to our health, and are these frequencies harmful to us? Now more and more people are buying mobile phone assembly machines and other blocking devices. From this perspective, the answer is actually known. We understand them well because we know the importance of your privacy, and because most governments try to monitor everyone, we have no choice but to buy these jamming devices to protect our lives and private property, but We need to clarify this technically. 


Among the accidents involving "drones" in the "Kobihi" accident, there were hundreds of accidents in the second half of 2016 alone, such as the drone crashing into the scene of a large event, affecting normal civil aircraft flights, and even a flight in Canada There was an accident, and there was an injury to the Ningbo Kuruobi Expressway. Faced with the gaps in drone control, take strong countermeasures to ensure air safety, such as the use of drone interceptors to shoot down drones by the government or police, purchase drones for real-name system, and so on.


Although the popularity of smartphones has brought many conveniences to people"s lifestyles, at the same time, troubles have also come with them. Excessive use of mobile phones, the noise caused by the use of mobile phones is an urgent need to solve this problem. Smart phones have changed not only the way they communicate, but also the habits of people. The generation of cell phone signal jammer equipment is the interference to mobile phones, reducing the habits of mobile phones to change lives.The video replaces previous SMS and voice communications. For parents thousands of miles away, friends can meet and meet. This is undoubtedly a milestone in the history of communication.