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Where do you think jammers can be used?


Where do you think jammers can be used?

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Where do you think jammers can be used?
In India, many people use signal jammers to protect public places from terrorist attacks. Before buying interference equipment, you need to know the frequency, wifi jammer can avoid some trouble. It is important to check the country"s laws.The smooth dissemination of information channels not only affects citizens" right to communicate, but also affects public interest and public safety. If signal interference equipment is used in criminal activities, public safety can be endangered. The use of jammers requires legal procedures and is regulated by law. The use of permissions and scope must be strictly restricted. The feasibility of the assessment is assessed by experts and managers.


Mobile phones and games are the most serious challenges facing education. Banning the use of mobile phones is a good management method, and cell phone jammer are an effective way to inspect rooms and take strict control measures. The principle of the gsm signal jammer is very simple. It affects the frequency of the mobile phone signal by the transmitted frequency. We need to carefully evaluate interfering devices to determine if they affect the people around them. Small jammers run on batteries, and some large sites must use powerful equipment.Previously, it was designed for military agencies.


UAV jammers are essentially a radar / radio blocking system that provides defense for strategic targets within a radius of 3 kilometers. This drone jammer can interfere with the signals of large drones up to micro / nano drones, it uses radar, optical sensors and other sensors to detect and identify drones, and varies from hundreds of meters to several thousand depending on the type of drone Assess its potential threats within meters. The jammer is based on a large threat library and real-time analysis of control signals, which can interfere with the link between the drone and the pilot and / or its navigation.