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Is it legal to install jammers in classrooms?


Is it legal to install jammers in classrooms?

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Is it legal to install jammers in classrooms?
Some schools install jammers to keep students in class

In prisons,WiFi jammers are very useful. They can prevent dangerous elements from communicating with the outside world, so as to avoid jailbreaking, drug trafficking and other transactions.In some casinos and gambling halls, they have been using mobile phones to operate slot machines for a long time. For casino operators, using such equipment will be a legitimate benefit.WiFi jammer is common in private homes.When it works, it can block the WiFi network at home, so that children can spend more time learning, communicating with their parents, entertainment, etc., instead of putting most of their energy into online games, and also preventing others from stealing their own internet.


Jamming devices are sometimes used in some civilian areas. For example, interfering devices are placed in German prisons and juvenile detention facilities to interfere with or suppress the frequency of unauthorized radio communications established in the vicinity, thereby reducing prison drug trafficking and jailbreaking. In August 2016, mobile interference phones were tested in St. Pölten, Austria, and were successful. The results show that the test can only prevent the connection between prisoners and does not disturb outdoor mobile communications. According to statistics, the whole Austria will check about 60 to 70 mobile phones in prison every month.


In the United States, more and more drones are being put into use, and they are used in various fields to support individuals and companies in accomplishing tasks. For example, the stadium will shoot the game in real time, the wedding scene will be broadcast live on the wedding, and the farmers will use the drone to verify the harvest.In the government"s public sector, they use drones to rescue disaster-stricken areas, respond to accidents, broadcast live broadcasts, etc. It is estimated that the United States currently has 1.2 million to 1.8 million drones in use, and their number is very high. It is difficult to estimate, thus causing a series of problems for the government authorities.