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Best Custom iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Case 2022

サムネイル出典:custom phone cases iphone

Best Custom iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Case 2022

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Best Custom iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Case 2022

サムネイル出典:custom phone cases iphone

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a smartphone that really maximizes the features that we all want, including a large OLED screen and three times the threat of a quality rear camera. So, keeping Apple"s best iPhone in mint conditions should be your top priority - especially because you want to trade in that model to save cash on the replacement when the time comes.

For now, your cellphone currently requires protection. Fortunately, the cost is very little to invest in one of the best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases around and save your expensive purchases from damage. Your iPhone 13 Pro Max may have been designed with scratch -resistant ceramic glass, but if it falls bad, it is better to be safe than regret.

As you might know, there are too many custom phone cases to choose from. Starting from a smooth and smooth shell to all military class defenders, you have many choices in your hands. You most likely want something iphone parts wholesale that is seen too, or has other features such as a holder or space to store your credit card. To help you, we have collected our favorite list so you can find the perfect option for you.

Apple Silicone Kasing with Magsafe: The Best Official Case

Entrusting the security of your new smartphone to any old case can be a little scary. To avoid doubts, getting your iPhone kasing from Apple itself is the safest choice.

This is sleek and strong, coming in a variety of stylish matte colors on a minimalist silicone frame that offers luxurious hands. On the inside, the microfibres lines silicon to avoid unnecessary scratches while still allowing the wireless charging of the magsafe that you pay. As you will know customize your phone case from the purchase of your iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple prices can be a little expensive. However, getting a custom cell phone case made by your mobile manufacturer can only be a good thing - especially when it is very easy in the eye.

Main details - Materials: silicone, microfibre; Color: five; Compatible wireless filling: yes

Humixx Case: Best Value for Money Cash

This is a good balance between adequate expenses to protect your investment and keep the cost low, but this Humixx case seems to get the right balance. First, he has military class protection on the custom phone case body that is easily cheated, but if it escapes your clutch, this case has been tested from drops up to 10 feet-more than enough for most people. It also looks good, with a sleek design that still protects the screen and camera through the lips and bezel raised.

Matte"s black back is slightly translucent so you will see the Apple logo that looks blurred and the iPhone Colorway you buy, without a bad fingerprint sign thanks to the anti-spinach layer. Plus, this supports wireless charging - what else can you ask for?

Main details - Materials: silicon, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), oleofobic nano layer; Color: one (black); Compatible wireless filling: yes

Bellroy Mod Phone Case and Wallet: Best Wallet Case

If you are aware of a slim wallet, discrete, or just want uniform clothes for your cardst cards and the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, then this Bellroy casing can be the perfect solution. This 2-in-1 nifty works magnetically attaching a suitable wallet to your cellphone for safe detention. Wallets can load three or four cards and have magnetic gaps to keep their own cards safe and healthy. Both of these items are made of long -lasting polymers mixed with beautiful and tanned skin available in six different colors, while the inside is coated with microfibres to avoid scratches. Plus, if a wallet or kasing gets a material defect within three years after purchase, you will be borne - unlike many custom phone cases iphone out there.

Now, this is a little expensive. But considering that most of us carry debit and credit cards, SIMs and a number of other important cards in addition to our cellphones, it makes sense to buy high-quality all-in-one solutions that reduce large amounts in your pocket.

Main details - Materials: Flex Polymer, Leather; Color: Six; Compatible wireless filling: yes





Lets you customize your own phone case with a single image, photo collage, or with a designer template for a more artistic look.